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Image by Crystal Kwok

Sanitary Mixing Equipment

Process North America specializes in sanitary mixing equipment - providing engineered solutions to your mixing applications or mixing headaches. We supply new or used process tanks, homogenizers, CIP systems, mixers, pumps and hoses configured to your individual needs. We serve the pharma, cosmetic, personal care, food, and chemical industries.

We Represent the Following Companies 

Process North America sells Hebold throughout North America and Scott Turban throughout Ontario. 

Vacuum process vessels, homogenizers, and continuous process systems. 


Top mounted, bottom mounted, and in line homogenizers, mixing tanks and systems. 

Used Equipment Location Service 

We offer used equipment location service, where we find used mixing equipment to meet your requirements, and can repair, modify, and install those used pieces of equipment if required. Equipment relocation and installation is our specialty. Plant floor layouts and full millwrighting services.  

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